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We are a team of communications professionals with a combined experience of over 50 years. We believe that inspirational stories, delivered in easy, user-friendly styles can change the world for better. With Real Rich we are on a mission – to empower ordinary people to gain the knowledge that will in turn help them to create enormous wealth through real estate.
We are committed to making important knowledge about the real estate industry available to those who can truly benefit from the knowledge.With a team of passionate storytellers, cinematographers, researchers and artists; and in partnership with leading experts from the real estate industry, we co-create narratives of wealth and prosperity for all.


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The eye-opener!
Have doubts about when to buy real estate? Think this is the ‘wrong time’? Confused about whether to buy or rent? This episode is a MUST WATCH for you. Invest 15 minutes of your time, for a life-changing eye-opener!


Free money and happily ever after
One of these is a fairy tale. The other is a cool fact. Find out which one is which. Spoiler alert – Free money is a fact! Want to know more? Watch this gripping episode in two parts!


“I bought a house in 2006. It cost me 9 lakhs then. At that point in time my EMI was 4000 rupees. I was terrified. I thought I would never be able to manage it. But I thank my father and my family who encouraged me to buy at that time. Because today my house is worth 70 lakhs… and my 4000 rupee EMI? I don’t even notice how and when it gets paid!”

Girish Rapatwar • Art Director, The Red Tree Design Studio

“I was a young, unmarried girl when I had a big dream – I wanted a big, spacious house of my own. I remember how it was when I bought my apartment at Ganga Satellite, 20 years ago. I had a small salary, the EMIs looked scary. And, for a couple of years, things were tough – but those couple of years sped past and I don’t even remember them anymore. The house at Ganga Satellite has grown many times n value. My rental income has steadfastly increased. After that first house at Ganga Satellite I went on to invest in many more properties, one after the other. And today, I can happily look back at money well-invested, and look forward to a comfortable future for my family!”

Sunita Shirolkar . Marketing and Corp Comm Head, Goel Ganga Group